Lab Technician

Lab Technician

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Description: Conduct routine tasks such as weigh, measure, and check materials, supplies, and equipment within a laboratory Duties: Document quantity, quality, type, weight, test result data, and value of materials or products to maintain shipping, receiving, and production records and files. Weigh or measure materials, equipment, or products to maintain relevant records, using volume meters, scales, rules, or calipers. Collect or prepare measurement, weight, or identification labels and attach them to products. Examine products or materials, parts, subassemblies, and packaging for damage, defects, or shortages, using specification sheets, gauges, and standards charts. Collect product samples and prepare them for laboratory analysis or testing. Compare product labels, tags, or tickets, shipping manifests, purchase orders, and bills of lading to verify accuracy of shipment contents, quality specifications, or weights. Remove from stock products or loads not meeting quality standards, and notify supervisors or appropriate departments of discrepancies or shortages. Inspect products and examination records to determine the number of defects per worker and the reasons for examiners’ rejections. Count or estimate quantities of materials, parts, or products received or shipped. Fill orders for products and samples, following order tickets, and forward or mail items. Sort products or materials into predetermined sequences or groupings for display, packing, shipping, or storage. Transport materials, products, or samples to processing, shipping, or storage areas, manually or using conveyors, pumps, or hand trucks. Prepare measurement tables and conversion charts, using standard formulas. Maintain a clean and safe work area Performs other related duties as assigned. Skills/Qualifications:


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