Keto Diet Principles and Recipes

Keto Diet Principles and Recipes

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This course is a mixture of informative and cooking videos focused on the ketogenic diet. Cristina Ioni, a ketogenic diet specialist, talks about the basics and the metabolic mechanisms of the diet. Viorel Copolovici, a chef, prepares keto dishes that everyone can cook at home or even order in a keto friendly restaurant. Both instructors have gone through the ketogenic experience before deciding to create this course. Cristina has lost more than 60 pounds (about 28 kg) with the keto diet before going on to study it professionally and to become a certified ketogenic specialist. Viorel, who has already published two basic cooking techniques courses on Udemy, started to live keto in May 2018 and lost about 30 pounds (14 kg) in the first 4-5 months of diet. He is now working on his second milestone of another 20-25 pounds and you can already see the difference from his previous courses. The course is a very dynamic and easy to digest formula of applied knowledge. You will discover how the diet works, what are its fundamental rules and processes and learn very effective ways to achieve great results by knowing what to eat, while spending a minimum amount of time in your kitchen. After you understand the principles and you decide to give it a try, you will probably discover one of the best and the wisest ways to lose weight. However, keto works on fully customized meal plans and it requires medical supervision. Even if it has been proven that ketogenic principles have a positive impact on several important medical conditions, we do recommend two things to all the students that decide to try it:1. Take a general blood test and get the interpretation of the results from your doctor.2. Find a trustful and recommended ketogenic dietitian for your personalized meal plans. If you would like to work directly with Cristina, don’t hesitate to contact her through Udemy and ask for advice.


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