Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin and Altcoins Masterclass

Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin and Altcoins Masterclass

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CRYPTOCURRENCY INVESTING AND TRADINGMADE EASY FOR YOU* TAKENOTE:I made the videos short and as simple as possible. Ialso provided pictures and actual websites of the topics i am discussingfor better learning especially forvisual learners. Please use a desktop computer or laptopif possibleIF YOU ARE AFRAID OF HACKERS ONLINE. IN THIS COURSE YOU WILL LEARN WHERE TO PUT YOUR COINS SO IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO BE HACKED. In the Cryptocurrency World, Bitcoin and Altcoins (Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple etc.) are constantly growing. However, cryptocurrency is still in its early stage having hundred billions of dollar in capital and is predicted to be 6 trillion in the year 2020. Only fewpeople knows about it andBig companies are still yet to invest in it. So getting ahead of everybody else will set you up for a great success. This is a greatopportunity of jumping in right now for traders, investors and even for those who have no experience in doing it at all. But of course there are risks involved in this kind of investment. And that is why i am here to help you minimize these risks! Cryptocurrency Investing andTrading made easy for you! This course will help you learn the quickest way in investing/trading with minimal risks as possible. I will teach you everything that i know straight to the point. IncludingCryptocurrencyTerminologies that you should know before you get started. I will walk you step by step onhow to buy your bitcoin and altcoins and show you where to trade them using different exchanges. I will hep you better understand how technical analysis works and how you would use and applythat knowledge in trading. In this course, i will also teach youPRO TIPSfrom all other pro traders combined and strategies that i use on which coins havethe most potential forHUGE GAINSand when is the right time to buy them. Iwill also show you how to make profits usingSHORTTERM (Day Trading)andLONGTERMTrading. This is the right time to investin before its too late! HERE IS THE TABLE OF CONTENTS PREVIEW OF WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: WHAT IS CRYPTOCURRENCY – Blockchain – Bitcoin (BTC) – Altcoins – Bitcoin Mining (HARDWARE AND CLOUD MINING) – ICO TOOLS NEEDED TO START- Who can trade? – Exchange Platforms with 2FAsecurity – Technical analysis platforms – Social media reference GETTING STARTED: – How to get your first cryptocurrency (buying, selling and transferring) – Trading ALTCOINS 1.Day Trading VS. Long Term 2.Entry and Exit Points (When to Buy and when to sell) TRADING USING TECHNICAL ANALYSIS AND CHART PATTERNSTRADING USING FUNDAMENTALSWHERE TO KEEP YOUR COINS (WALLETS)CREATING YOUR CRYPTOCURRENCY INVESTMENT PORTFOLIOMONEY MANAGEMENT and Investments Tips in Creating your Cryptocurrency PortfolioBONUS AND PRO TIPS! – Including HOW TO LOOK FOR CRYPTOCURRENCIES THAT HAS THE MOST POTENTIAL TAX REGULATIONSI ALSOADVICE YOU TO PAUSE THE VIDEO EVERY AFTER LECTURE JUST TO GATHER YOUR THOUGHTS BECAUSE THIS COURSE IS VERY COMPACT AND GIVES YOU DIRECT KNOWLEDGE. YOU CAN ALSO REVIEW EVERY VIDEOS BECAUSE YOU HAVE LIFETIME ACCESS TO IT.


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