Kickstart your Sober Curiosity

Kickstart your Sober Curiosity

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This experience encourages you to explore an honest reflection of your drinking habits. This isn’t about giving up booze forever but instead, discovering what we can achieve if we step out of our comfort zone. just a little, while we learn and explore how we feel about alcohol! For less than the price of 3 glasses of wine you can re-balance your relationship with alcohol. We will give you useful gems of information to inspire you, and questions to prompt you to explore and uncover limiting beliefs and stories that are holding you back from becoming a mindful drinker. All you need is 10 minutes a day to think about your answers. Whether that’s walking your dog, sitting in your car at the school run or a quiet space at home to write down your thoughts this course will help you see through the jargon and re-balance your relationship with alcohol. What you will need:10 Minutes a day to look at the journal prompt, have a think about your answers and write your thoughts and feelings. An open mind to allow your honesty to shine throughA quiet space for just you and your thoughts. just for 10 minutesYou’ll also get:A 30 day planner to record social eventsFrom wild parties to coffee mornings with your friends everything goes down so you have an overview of when you drink, when you don’t and when might be a good time to implement some of what your learning and make more mindful choices.A helpful reminder to be more conscious about your decisions.2 downloadable booklets packed with helpful information to supplement the course. How will Mindful Drinking help me?Six Lessons from an Adventure into Sober CuriosityWe’ll help with some suggestions and sentence starters to get you going. The journey into curiosity and discovery will inspire small changes encouraging a happier, healthier life both mentally and physically. From absently drinking to Mindfully Sipping. BONUSMATERIAL INCLUDES8 Cocktail recipe cards for alcohol free drinks you can make at homeA video showing how to make an alcohol free Mojito and what the health benefits are.A video showing a quick and easy cocktail made in under 3 minutes


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