Songwriting for Complete Beginners

Songwriting for Complete Beginners

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Is this Course for You?Have you ever thought about learning how to make your own music, but don’t really know how to start. Then this course is perfect for you. What will You Learn?In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of music, so that you can get started with making music yourself. Learn all the ingredients of music, the tools you need to get started, and get actionable tips on how to practice what you learn, and then create your own music. Anyone can Make MusicMusic is not rocket science. It is art, and it comes from your heart and soul. I truly believe Everyone can make music. Why? Because Music is really just a mix of Rhythm, Melody and Harmony. It really is that easy, so you can do it to! =)Start Makingyour own Music TodayAre you ready to learn how you can make your own music, without having any prior knowledge? Just click the enroll button, and I am waiting for you in the next video. Soon you will be able to Make your own Music and Songs. Friendly regards, Mikael “Mike”BaggstrmMusic Composer Sound Designer


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