Composing and Encoding Collage

Composing and Encoding Collage

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In this workshop we will investigate composition through the art of collage: approached as an inquiry, an experiment in decision-making and an opportunity for unexpected revelations. This method of collage/painting is inspired by Eastern approaches to contemplative art and contemporary improvisational approaches to painting. We will explore settling the mind, techniques of line-work and composition. The creative process and the beauty of imperfection is emphasized. No experience needed! Each of us will emerge with 3 original paintings, which we can then decipher to reveal elements of our own personal symbolism*Divinatory poetics describes an investigation of the variety of angles from which to enter the creative process, access the imagination, and articulate the otherwise hidden and unseen. We craft inquiries that assist us in delving beneath the skin of the ordinary, use lucid writing, archetypes, ritual, meditation, and other methods to listen, play deeply and access buried intelligence. We invite the images of our personal mythology out of the depths. We invite the slow world to reveal the strange and beautiful luminosity that lies waiting within the mundane. This series of workshops are of interest to those who wish to explore the creative process and examine perception, imagination, and the language of meaning in a deeply personal way. At the conclusion of a workshop, participants will have scouted new pathways into their own creative interior and will have a body of material to develop, refine, or with which to fertilize other projects.


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