Advance Tarts & Torte by Master Pastry Chef

Advance Tarts & Torte by Master Pastry Chef

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Advance Tart by APCA Malaysia- An International Pastry & Culinary SchoolUnderstanding of dough to make a tart is very important. The way you make the dough, either creaming or crumble method ensure the crunch in it which also depend on the type of baking you apply. You will learn about the different filling which could be almond cream, Custard cream, Pistachio cream, Jams or chocolate ganache. You will also learn how to make different sponges or crunch base which you use to provide extra texture. You will also learn how to add fruits in the from of fresh fruit or spreads. Lastly you will be making different types of cream or mousse and the glazing techniquesThis program cover all level of different types of tartsYou will be covering 7 different types of Advance tarts with different composition in this program which can be easily replicated in kitchen -Chocolate Raspberry Tart – Chocolate sweet pastry tart shell, filled with a chocolate flourless sponge, raspberry jam and a light chocolate chibouste. Exotic Tart – Sweet tart shell filled with pineapple almond cream, refreshing mango compote, and light caribbean cocktail mousseGrapefruit Tart – Sweet paste dough lined tart, filled with pistachio cream along with fresh grape fruit segments, topped with a light grapefruit chibouste and strawberry jellyHazelnut choux Tart – Caramelized puff pastry topped with praline mousseline and small choux pastry filled with vanilla cremeux. Mont Blanc – The classic flavours of Mont Blanc reimagined into a modern tart. Pear and Caramel Tart – Sweet pastry, Almond Cream and poached pears presented in a modern and beautiful way to accentuate the pears beautyCheese Tart Revisited – Almond shortcrust with baked cheesecake, filled with citrus pain de gene, light cream cheese mousse, and refreshing lime confit.


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