Learn Face Reflexology Massage Online

Learn Face Reflexology Massage Online

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This beginner course teaches the basics of Face Reflexology Massage (FRM).This course is aimed at beginners with no prior knowledge or reflexologists looking to expand their Reflexology MassageFRM is a non-invasive, Holistic, natural face-toning and rejuvenating treatment that anyone can learnInfluences come from Japanese Face Massage, and Ayurvedic Indian Marma MassageStimulating, Muscle Toning, Reflexology and Acupressure and MassageResults in youthful, healthy looking skin and faceHeres exactly what you get with The Online Face Reflexology Massage CourseYoull get access to a structured16 videoand1 ebookcourse that include provide with all the resources you require to learn Face Reflexology Massage in the place of your choice. Video LessonsLecture 2 – What is Face Reflexology MassageLecture 3 – History Of ReflexologyLecture 4 – The History of MassageLecture 5- What Happens During a Massage SessionLecture 6- Reiki & Face Reflexology MassageLecture 7- What is Reflexology? Lecture 8- The History of Reflexology? Lecture 9- Benefits Of Face Reflexology Massage? Lecture 10- Health & Safety? Lecture 11- Contraindications? Lecture 12- Preparing Face for Reflexology Massage & Techniques? Lecture 13- The Face Reflexology Massage Practical Sequence? Lecture 14- The Healing Crisis?Lecture 15- The Holistic Picture? Lecture 16 – Skin Treatments Throughout HistoryLecture 17 – Medical Face Conditions You May EncounterEbooksFace Reflexology Massage (Full Lecture Notes)


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