The Business of Screenwriting MasterClass

The Business of Screenwriting MasterClass

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Over 1800 Students Enrolled and Counting Screenwriters are creative, but not all understand how art and commerce merge to create wealth and a lasting career. This course unveils the intricate maze of the business of the entertainment industry biz-ness. Go from a want-to-be to a fine-tuned professional making a healthy living while sharing your creative genius with the world.5 Star Reviews! The thing that makes this course so valuable is that it teaches you how to actually make a living and thrive as a professional screenwriter. I have always been a creative artist and writer, but now I know how to actually have a career. He should have his own TV show as he is super informative, entertaining, and always compelling to keep me watching. I hate giving 5 stars as it seems cliche, but he earned it. Thanks again! – Edward MoraWhat you willlearn: Expertly navigate the intricate business maze of the entertainment industrySecuring an agent, manager, orentertainment lawyerSuccessfully choosing a marketable idea that is still in harmony with your value systemHow to attach a movie star to your projectUnderstandingsource materialObtaining rights from a novelReading a roomUnderstanding energy, pacing, voice cadence, Belief in your idea, higher ideals. and a plethoramore. They DON’Tteach you this in Film School! Paul is both knowledgable, and well able to present information in a clear and engaging manner. He is also hugely encouraging and motivational. I recommend this, and his writing The Million Dollar Screenplay course, to any writer serious about entering and moving ahead in this industry. -Anita DaherWho is this for: Those who want to make a living as a professional screenwriter should take this course. This course teaches screenwriting students about the business side of the entertainment industry, thus trading daydreams for dollars to make a healthy living as a professional screenwriter. Paul breaks down the nuts and bolts of what you need to do if you want to play in the world of Hollywood as a writer and filmmaker. Simply put, be smart, be respectful, and put in the hustle. -Scott McMahonThe structure and tangible guidelines this course offers for a successful career as a working, professional writer is quite profound, yet incredibly digestible to understand and incorporate. I highly recommend this for anyone who wants to make a living as a screenwriter. -Sonya ThompsonSo take peak behind the film business curtain and learn the ins and outs of the screenwriting game.


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