700-765 ~ Cisco Security Architecture ASAESE Practice Test

700-765 ~ Cisco Security Architecture ASAESE Practice Test

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Welcome to Cisco Security Architecture ASAESE Practice TestThis Practice Test is designed for 700-765Security Engineer to score good marks in Certification Exam. It contains Single Answer, Multiple Answers(Multiple Choice Questions) so students get an idea what type of questions are expected in Exam. What is this Certification all about?The Advanced Security Architecture Express System Engineer is a 90 minute exam and it validates candidate knowledge for ASAESE 700-765. What is content of this course?Advanced ThreatNetwork SecurityCisco Security Solutions PortfolioCisco Zero TrustInternet of Things SecurityThreat Landscape and Security IssuesWhat is Requirement before taking this course?Understand Security Architecture for BusinessExam InformationExam Name -> Advanced Security Architecture Express System EngineerExam Number-> 700-765Exam Timings-> 90 MinutesLanguage-> EnglishWhat is this course objective?Understand digitization, cyber security challenges and fragment securityInternet of Things Solutions for businessesIoT Security and protectionUnderstand the value of zero trust and outcomesUnderstand requirement of modern network environmentUnderstand next generation network security and Email SecurityCloud Security SolutionsNext Generation Firewalls and NGIPSIdentify Adaptive Security ApplianceUnderstand features of Meraki Malware Protection TechniquesUnderstand Advanced Threats and ThreatGridUnderstand AnyConnect and ISEYou can attempt this test as many times as you like for practice. This test is a combination of multiple choice questions. I hope this information is informative for you and I would like to thank you for taking this practice test.


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