Food Safety for Managers and Supervisors

Food Safety for Managers and Supervisors

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Are you a manager or supervisor and want to achieve a level three food safety qualification? Or perhaps you are currently working in catering and want to develop your career? Or are you looking to buy a business or enter the trade for the first time? This course will boost your food safety knowledge.

This course begins with a short video highlighting the importance of food safety, the positive impact it can have on your business. The prologue video also highlights the damaging impact poor standards can have on customers.

You’ll be taken through all aspects of managing food safety, with a particular focus on HACCP (Hazard analysis and critical control points).

The knowledge you gain will help improve standards in your place of work. It will give you confidence to engage in discussions with experts such as EHO and safety departments in your organisation.

There is an accompanying workbook to the course which you can download to help aid your understanding.

You’ll begin HACCP with an explanation of prerequisites and a brief study of pest control, cleaning and disinfection and structure.

You will then be given brief examples of Flow Diagrams.

There follows the largest section of the course; the seven principles of HACCP.

The course is structured in a logical sequence to further assist your understanding and the transfer of information to your long term memory.

Through the study of HACCP you will also learn about related topics such a cross contamination, spore forming bacteria, and how food poisoning occurs (intoxication and invasiveness).

Throughout the course you will be given tips and ideas for completing your own internal audits. I have been a food safety advisor and trainer for over 20 years and the advice is based on my own experiences throughout that time.

I also have a diploma in Business Management and the course includes a short video on the key aspects of food safety management; training, motivating and monitoring standards.

You’ll also be given a quick lesson on food safety law, including a quick explanation of the development of these laws over the century’s.

The course ends with a 15 minute summary of the entire course. That way, you can refresh your memory at any time without the need to revisit the entire course. Watching the summary at intervals (e.g. after one week, then one month, and then in 6 months) will help transfer the information to your long term memory.

I hope you enjoy the course, and as ever, any feedback on how it can be improved would be great.


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