From Silence to Sound: Composing for Film & Commercials

From Silence to Sound: Composing for Film & Commercials

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Are you a composer that’s always been curious about scoring music for film, documentaries or commercials?

This class takes you through the fundamental elements (with real life examples) for scoring music to moving picture. At the end of this class, you’ll have working strategies to:

  • Outline/layout your rough draft so the music fits
  • Determine the right tempo/meter

  • Make important decisions about how to approach composing for your video

  • Successfully communicate with the director

  • Respond to a reference track

It used to be that having a custom film score was out of reach, except the big budget movies.  There’s now an explosion of indie films, in need of music.  And tremendous opportunity for new composers to find projects to work on.  In addition, you can now finish/complete a film score with a home recording studio.  Writing music for film is an opportunity to make a huge impact on the emotional tone of a film/project.  Your contribution will greatly shape how the viewer interprets the events happening on the screen. 

These are real world examples for composing for commercials, or composing for film.  This class also assumes that you have a working knowledge of music theory, and using audio recording software.  And probably some experiencing composing songs/music already.  We will be looking more specifically on applying those skills to moving picture/video/film. 

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