Kinetic Typography in ProShow Producer

Kinetic Typography in ProShow Producer

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In this course, you’ll learn all the basic skills necessary to create Dynamic Kinetic Typography using ProShow Producer.

Kinetic Typography is a specific type of animation that uses only words and shapes within the animation.  These can be used as Title Slides, Show Openers, Credit Rolls and much more.

The majority of the Kinetic Typography animations you’ll see on the Web or on Television were created using Adobe After Effects.  ProShow Producer is a bit more limited in it’s capabilities, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done!  In this course you’ll learn to create Kinetic Typography Animations using:

  1. Captions Layers
    1. Using Texture on a Caption
    2. Fly-Ins to create motion
    3. Position a Caption using the Text Setting tab instead of the Effects Tab
  1. Text Layers
    1. Blur
    2. Transparency
    3. 3D Tilt
    4. Masking
    5. Parenting Layers to a Modifier
    6. Understand the importance of the Rotation Center


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