Agile Project Management using Jira Software for Beginners!

Agile Project Management using Jira Software for Beginners!

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Learning Jira and Agile Project Management 101 for Beginners

  • A Beginners guide to Jira Software, Agile Project Management and Basecamp project management
  • Learn how to use Jira and run project using the Agile Framework

  • This course will teach you what agile is, definitions, Jira real world examples that you can follow along with.

  • This is a beginner level course and will not go into the administration of Jira, and all the functionality that Jira can be used for.  It will get you up and running in a short amount of time and you can learn more as you get more advanced.

We’ll cover:  

  • What is Jira and how to use it.  
  • What is Agile Project Management.  

  • Overview of Agile Definitions  

  • What is difference between Scrum and Kanban  

  • How to create Tasks  

  • How to create Epics  

  • How to create Sub-Tasks  

  • How to create Sprints  

  • And explain what a velocity chart is.  

  • By the end of this course, you’ll have everything you need to create a project in Jira, and a basic understanding of Jira to help you build your career, start using Jira in your organization or start using Jira to track your personal tasks.  

  • Tools Covered in the course for Jira Agile Project Management include:  

    • Agile  
  • Scrum  

  • Kanban  

  • Jira – Project Management        


  • Jira -Task Tracking   

  • Jira Process Controls   

  • Jira Human Resource Recruitment

  • Let’s get to it!  

    Who is the target audience?  

    • Anyone interested in Learning Jira and Agile Project Management  

    • Managers looking to get an overiew of Jira  

    • Business owners and executives interested in learning more Jira  

    • Anyone interested in understanding how to create highly effective project management teams using agile  


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