Customer Service Representative

Customer Service Representative

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JOB FUNCTION REQUIREMENTS – Provides a maximum level of customer service to assigned accounts while working closely with Sales to ensure that sales and profitability objectives are met. Coordinates all aspects of order processing, applying specialized knowledge of technical details and product applications in the customer order process. Maintains ongoing relationships with key customers and interfaces regularly with Sales, Supply Chain, Logistics, Credit, Distribution, Transportation, Manufacturing, and IT. Responsible to coordinate all key activities within the supply chain in order to provide on time delivery to our customers. The incumbent must also work closely with our global sales, manufacturing teams, and various corporate departments with the company and within our customer’s organizations. Customer Service Representative Activities: Coordinates contact with customers, assuring thorough and accurate order processing, suggesting alternative products and services and providing support in the resolution of customer complaints and issues. Serves as liaison between Sales, Logistics, Transportation, and Manufacturing with regard to scheduling, capacity, service and systems issues, account priorities, and various customer issues that maybe gathered through customer communications. Provides clear instructions to internal departments, enabling them to prepare for and ship orders at customer service levels equal to or greater than those dictated by competitive forces in the marketplace. Communicates with customers on activities in the above areas integral to on-time delivery of orders and complaint resolution. Provides customers with timely and accurate information with respect to our shipping capabilities and the status of orders from the time of receipt through shipment, delivery, and payment of invoice. Ma


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