Short Selling Stocks Masterclass

Short Selling Stocks Masterclass

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Have You Ever Lost Money Investing In A Stock That Dropped 20%+ Overnight?

Have You Ever Lost Money With A Stock That Was Gaming Their Earnings And Turned Out To Be A Massive Fraud?

Yeah…we’ve all been there at some point and it SUCKS losing your hard earned money like that.

But what if I told you there was a way to avoid these situations AND even PROFIT from them?

This Short Selling Masterclass will teach you how to spot under-performing businesses BEFORE they drop so you can profit from them or get out of those situations.

Most people go around short selling the wrong way. They try to look at stock patterns or use complicated day trading and/or swing trading strategies.

Instead, my method for short selling trading looks at the balance sheet.

When a business starts under-performing, the balance sheet gets hit first. You’ll start to see signs in a company’s inventory, accounts receivable, or deferred revenue.

These are tell-tale signs of business deterioration and can predict a big drop in the stock price with EXTREMELY HIGH ACCURACY.

In fact…many of you may look like a Fortune Teller with these calls…

This strategy was pioneered by BILLIONAIRE Jim Chanos, one of the most iconic and famous hedge fund short sellers at all time – who made billions shorting frauds like Enron, Worldcom, and Tyco.

This course will teach you the basic strategy of short selling with the balance sheet.

Here’s what you will learn:

  • How to identify inventory trends that will result in significant earnings pressure and stock price declines

  • How to identify accounts receivable (and deferred revenue) trends that will result in a big revenue slowdown before the stock craters

  • How companies can play accounting games with their profits to cover up weakness in their results (this almost always results in a big stock price decline at some point)

  • How companies use non-GAAP results to hide bad results

  • How to use insider selling (stock sales by a company’s management team) to predict a stock collapse with extremely accurate results


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