8 recreational activities for school students

8 recreational activities for school students


8 recreational activities for school students
Each kid these days, owns a mobile phone, computer, tablet or all three. The spare time they get from studies is wasted mostly on these gadgets. The healthy physical and recreational activities have been cut down to a minimum in teenagers of today’s life.

Parents along with the school teachers should take responsibility of arranging recreational activities for students. The teachers should make sure that each student participates in these activities as they promote teamwork and leadership in students. Below is the list of recreational activities that can be held by teachers


Taking school students out for a camping trip is not only fun for the kids, but has many benefits. Students have to be physically involved in setting the camp. This activity should be done in teams, which will promote the team work effort in students as each group will like to finish the best and first.


Hiking is the healthiest activity and should be carried out after each month. The kids these days don’t prefer to walk and love to sit all day. Hiking can thus be a great exercise for them and their muscles. Students will also get in touch with the nature while they hike. Hiking helps improve the personal health of students

Tree plantation drive

Tree plantation is a very useful activity for our environment and it will help to instill the importance and significance of trees in the student’s life. Each kid should be asked to plant a tree and then ‘adopt’ it. The teacher should then ask students to water it every day, it takes not more than 5 minutes and student will have a sense of accomplishment once the plants starts to grow.

Cooking activities

Cooking activities are very fun, kids should be divided in groups and each group be asked to prepare a separate and different dish. This instills the sense of teamwork. Students learn to share food and learn cooking. The focus should not be on cooking something big. The teacher should focus on the bond development between students.

Wall painting

This activity is very useful for school students and helps improve and appreciate creativity between school kids. Students shall be asked to work in a team. Keeping prizes for the best painted wall will give students a sense of accomplishment and will motivate them.

Organizing a school event

Teachers should encourage students in organizing different events where they can participate. An example for these include sports day organization, project exhibitions etc.

Dramas and plays

Students participate in dramas and plays very keenly as compared with other activities. The plays could teach students about the history and culture, and polish their dramatic skills.

Sports like football, rugby and volley ball

These recreational activities though mostly famous in boys than girls are a great source of exercise and have countless benefits. Kids that participate in these sports are more organized and show leadership skills later in their life.


This article is written by Axel Flores. He has completed masters in affordable college papers Behavioral sciences and published a thesis on the behavioral studies of school going students.


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