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Interview with Lee Nagel, Izenda


At Izenda ( , Vice President of Marketing, Lee Nagel, uses a unique blend of talents to bring new clients to his company. Izenda helps software providers draw out their data to provide the business intelligence needed to grow. Izenda’s embedded solution gives results on the fly. Nagel combines business acumen, legal knowledge and a speciality in Internet marketing to put his company’s product in front of those who need it.

  •  How has what you do today, changed from when you started your career?

I started out pretty far afield of marketing actually. I studied business administration, then law. After my Bachelor’s, MBA and JD, I found my love of marketing. I headed back to school to study what I love and specialized in Internet marketing.

  • What is your favourite thing about working at Izenda?

We take the mission seriously, really take it to heart. The company started with the goal of empowering other businesses to make better decisions. Now, a million use us to do just that. We keep succeeding at helping others because everyone in our company has the same mindset that we need to help others advance their goals and thrive.

  • What are your other business interests?

I studied law and previously worked in the insurance industry. I still follow news and trends in those areas.

  • What do you see as the future of marketing?

The Internet continues to grow in importance. The new growth area is the Internet of Things. You already see beacon technology helping draw customers into stores they pass. Look for your IoT refrigerator to offer you coupons as you open it. A store app on your cell will guide you to new products with a digital coupon provided. We are reaching a new level of custom marketing that lets us build real relationships with consumers. IoT lets companies get to know them in a new and better way.

  • And Izenda is a big part of that?

Yes, our tools are embedded into the software. We are the future of business intelligence and marketing. Within five years, 90 percent of the core business apps will feature embedded analytics solutions.

  • What do you think is the most important aspect of marketing?

True communication. You have to know what your customers want and give it to them. They will tell you, but you must listen. Too many businesses don’t listen and that loses them, customers. Plus, it turns off potential new customers.

  • Thank you for speaking with me to today. You’ve my readers a lot to think about regarding their marketing strategy.

Thank you for the opportunity to reach out to people.



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