Two C# applications implemented in Blazor, WPF and others

Two C# applications implemented in Blazor, WPF and others

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This course is your fast track to gaining some experience. Once you know how to use C#, you will need to go and get familiar with one of the interface technologies. Maybe you will learn windows desktop development with WPF, or maybe it will be API development. But it is unlikely that you will work or experience more than two or three options. In the course, you will see how to applications, the logic part for them, are built in basic C# libraries and then afterwards integrated into various C# interface technologies – WPF, Blazor, Excel add-ins and others.

The checkers game is a player vs player local application, meaning that there is no AI or interaction with the servers. This course focuses on the interfaces and the different technologies that help users interact with your logic written in C#.

The file signature application allows to pick a file and generate a unique signature from the stream of the file. The signature can be stored and later verified by running the processes again and comparing the results.

Before starting this course, you should have good understanding of C# programming language and if you understand at least one of the technologies it will be even more useful – as you will have a base point to compare to.


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