Setting your House in Financial Order

Setting your House in Financial Order

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Sometimes and at some point in your life, you financial house can become a mess for different reasons. It could be your own mistakes, mistakes of others that affect you, the economy and so on. Regardless of the reasons behind the financial mess you find yourself in, succeeding financially is always your responsibility.  This course is about helping you transform your finances regardless of where they are right now. It is based on a biblical financial stewardship model. In this course, I will take you through

  • Developing the right financial beliefs
  • Determining your current financial position

  • Developing sound Financial Goals

  • Developing an action plan and monitoring mechanisms

  • Financial tools that will help you stay the course

  • How to develop multiple stream of income

  • Financial Habits that you need to embrace

  • Financial Risks that you need to be aware of and manage

Through different case studies, videos, handouts, this course will take you through a journey of Financial transformation.


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