5 Signs your training approach needs a 'Makeover'

5 Signs your training approach needs a ‘Makeover’


5 Signs your training approach needs a 'Makeover'Nothing is more irritating than knowing that your business isn’t productive enough as compared to other competitors. Your search for reasons and all you get to know is lack of support from your employees and staff. The expansion of any business is successful only when it takes place externally, as well as internally. If you compromise on any of them, your business’s development and productivity might get affected. To avoid such situations, you need to encourage your employees and staff by providing them training on skill-development and professional conduct. Although educating a group of adults is a challenging task, it can be executed following a proper plan and strategy.

If you are already following any such strategy which isn’t effective enough, your training approach needs a makeover. Before you try to implement any plans, the first step is to identify the signs that show your training needs to be modified a bit. Take a look.

1. Using outdated technology

Most businesses still use DVD players to train their target audience which is again an outdated technology. The instructors need to understand that adopting new technologies will help their own business to grow and prosper in the competitive market. If you want to attract and engage your target audience towards your training program, you need to make use of updated technology. Modify the existing content by adding more information to it, which can be done using advanced training tools.

2. Low ROI

Low ROI is a sign that shows it’s time your training approach needs a makeover. Low ROI is the result of un-engagement of the employees and the target audience. The reason behind that can vary. Either your training sessions lack conversations or the instructors are not using the right training techniques to enhance their learners’ interest. Though it can be a challenging task to know the reason behind low ROI, it can be done by requesting the feedback from the audience for the training sessions. By asking for learners feedbacks, you are able to identify the lags in your training sessions and improve the same.

3. Inactive learners

It is extremely important to understand that why your learners are inactive during the training sessions. The reason behind that could be lengthy lectures, lack of interaction, or inappropriate content. If you are planning to improve your training sessions, the first thing you need to do is make the training program interesting for the learners. Try incorporating gamification and quizzes. In addition, you need to keep in mind that quality training needs to be interactive. Therefore, it’s advisable to interact with the learners as much as possible.

4. Dry and extensive content

If your training material consists of dry and extensive data, it’s time for you to focus more on incorporating short, crisp and informative content. Make sure the data you incorporate is authentic and easy to understand. Use media files is it audio or video to make your content more engaging and informative. Rather than providing the manuals, share the training material on the cloud so that it is easily accessible and the learners can go through it whenever it is required.

5. Lengthy lectures

Nowadays, everyone is short on time. Most times, people are busy in a meeting, discussion or, with their family. In such a scenario, if you provide lengthy training to them, they get bored and are unable to grasp the useful information, which is a total waste of your time and efforts. Therefore, to make your training sessions interesting, all you need to do is make your training sessions short and try to incorporate as much useful information as you can. Provide the training material to the learners, so that they can access it anytime, anywhere whenever required.

Few tips

All the signs discussed in this post shows that you really need to modify your training approach. Make use of latest technology, advanced and robust training tools that can help you make your training programs short and entertaining for the learners.

Incorporating quizzes is another way of letting your audience know how much they have understood and grasped during the training sessions. In addition, research good and rich content to make your training more effective and informative. Understand your audience and request their feedbacks, so that you know the areas where you need to improve. This way, you can enhance your training sessions and make them more informative, entertaining and useful for the learners.

Author Bio: Kamy Anderson is an ed-tech enthusiast with a passion for writing on emerging technologies in the areas of corporate training and education. He is an expert in learning management system & authoring tools – currently associated with ProProfs.  



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