Cantando Tangos (Tango singing)

Cantando Tangos (Tango singing)

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On this course you will learn how to sing your favorite Tangos! For this full workshop we have chosen the songs “NADA” (tango) and “FLOR DE LINO” (Tangovals).

You will learn how to warm up your voice before singing as well as many exercises to vocalize and how to work with your pelvic floor, diaphragm and how to control your air.

We will talk also about the lyrics, so that you know what you are singing (in case that spanish is not your first language).

Would you also like to listen to different guitar accompaniments? There you go! These accompaniments are the same that most famous tango orchestras play, so this will give you also an idea of what to listen to when you are DANCING TANGO.


This course is spoken in Spanish for better and natural explanations but you can choose English and German subtitles.


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