Top 10 online educational resources to help with fellowship personal statement composition

Top 10 online educational resources to help with fellowship personal statement composition

Writing a personal statement for fellowship is intimidating, but not impossible. Getting into a fellowship program is a big deal for many professionals because it is part of a complete journey. The end goal would be unachievable without being accepted in this program. When you get to that point of having to write a fellowship personal statement, you have had a lot of studying. This means that you are fully prepared and capable of achieving this last milestone.

You can find a lot of information online that is credible and usable in this instance. It’s just about finding these resources. With this mountain of information you find online, not all of it is factual. Having to sift through all this is overwhelming and time-consuming. We have done the hard work for you and found the best, most credible online resources for your fellowship personal statement. Use these resources as building blocks towards completing the best personal statement and gain access to the fellowship program of your choice.


There is a website designed specifically for this need and it’s an awesome one. For a relatively affordable fee, you can leave your task in the hands of capable experts. They specialise in this area specifically, which is why we call them experts. High-quality work for a minimal fee is definitely a winning combination.


This is another fantastic resource for academic writing. It also helps with all application processes, which makes it a complete package. Use this resource to its full advantage to help you write an outstanding personal statement for fellowship. You can also find free classes based on this specific personal statement process.

3.   CollegeEssayGuy

Even though this is based on college applications, the information is suitable for fellowship personal statement help. It is definitely going to teach you some processes to follow, with great tutorials. Writing a fellowship personal statement and any other personal statement has the same steps. The information within is different, but not the steps in writing.


A wealth of information on this topic can be found on this website. In fact, if this is the only resource you use, it would guide you through the entire personal statement. A lot of students do not have the time to bounce between website, so having one with complete information is always valuable.


Another website focusing on med students for more exclusive information. There is a lot about writing a personal statement for fa fellowship that can be useful. It is important to use credible sources and this is definitely one of them.

6.   Kaplan

If you are too busy to work on your personal statement, these guys can do it for you. You can have a fellowship letter of intent written or any other application essays you need. The quality of their work is of a high standard, so there is no worry about that.

7.   Online Writing Lab

Writing anything is difficult if it is not something that comes naturally to you. Having access to information that can make you a better writer is always useful. This is going to get you started on the journey. You can find a lot of writing tips and tricks on this website.


Sometimes you just need a little inspiration to help you get started. There is tons of personal statement examples on this site. It varies through a few stages of personal statements during your medical journey. You can use it for entry into medical school, all the way up to your fellowship application.


You need an opening statement for your personal statement. This is where you are going to grab the attention of the board immediately. Without a good opening statement, the rest of your personal statement might not get read. Deciding on this is a big deal and can be stressful. You can find examples of winning opening lines on this website to help inspire you.


On this website you can find anything from scholarship personal statement tips, to fellowship personal statement advice. It is a one-stop shop with tons of valuable information. Use this at your own discretion to inspire and motivate you to complete the task.

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