Secrets for career success from the World's top Executives

Secrets for career success from the World’s top Executives

Secrets for career success from the World's top Executives


Success is desired. Success is worked. Success is earned. Success is celebrated.

Long before all this takes place, a thought takes birth somewhere in a young, ignited mind. Some follow this thought, some lose it on the way. The former are the people we all call successful because they didn’t let that fire die down ever.

We give their success a name – SECRET. Would you like to know a few of these secrets? Listed below are a few of the most successful CEOs and their secrets to success.


Here we go!!


Indra Nooyi

CEO – Pepsico

Secret: Never stop learning

The woman is a firm believer of learning at every level, whether you have just entered the organization or have been there for long. It is your quest for making yourself knowledgeable that makes the difference. World’s strongest leaders are lifetime students.


Mary Barra

CEO – General Motors

Secret: Be passionate

Follow your passion. You will surely succeed in the thing that you feel a pulse for. There is no dearth of opportunities out there, one only has to recognize and take the call. Rest assured, everything will fall into place.


Steve Collis

CEO – AmerisourceBergen

Secret: Don’t aim at success

Success cannot be followed, it can only be achieved with dedication and determination. Don’t aim at it, the more you do so the more you are going to miss it.


Lloyd Blankfein

Chairman and CEO—Goldman Sachs

Secret: Don’t confine yourselves

Open up to broader interests. Don’t just do what you do. Try to become a complete person. You become a complete professional by doing different things. This will attract many people towards you. Confining is suicidal.


Andres Gluski

President and CEO—The AES Corporation

Secret: Never make emotional decisions

A decision should never be made when you are under some intense emotion like anger, frustration, etc. Talk to some knowledgeable people before making the final decision. Ensure that it is weighed well.


Robert B. Pollock


Secret: Be a good listener

People tend to use their tongue more than their ears. This is what makes them less aware of what’s going on. You learn more when you hear more and talk less.


Francisco D’Souza


Secret: Maximize opportunities

There are more choices than time to pursue them. So, make your choices wisely.


Michael F. Mahoney

CEO – Boston Scientific

Secret: Team comes first

A good leader is the one who always keeps his team in focus and creates an environment that allows a person to share his thoughts and feedback. It is your attitude that determines their attitude towards you and the work in question.


Mike Petters

CEO – Huntington Ingalls Industries

Secret: Leadership is a craft

It is because of the followers that a leader is born and celebrated. Leadership should never ever be taken for granted. Just like any other skill, it too requires time, investment and above all focus.


Hikmet Ersek

CEO—Western Union

Secret: Every problem is an opportunity to make the difference

Nothing seems a problem until we tend to look at it that way. Use it to change lives of others.


Rick Goings

CEO – Tupperware Brands

Secret: Our failures shape us

No matter how impressive our resumes and the achievements written on it are, what is vital is what got us there. Most of the times it is the falls we have had, before getting there.


Hayley Barna

CEO – Birchbox

Secret: “Never compare your weaknesses to someone else’s strengths.”

One must focus on his own special talent. Everyone has one. A combination of the unique talent of all the people working together can create the magic.


These great leaders follow some principles of interpersonal communication skill and there is another secret I know will help you in standing out – soft skills training, in case you lag behind in it. It too can form your secret of success.

Good Luck!


 By Tressie Dawson


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