How to get the most out of your study time

Most people strive to be the most productive version of themselves, whether it is at work, or in their everyday lives. However, when it comes to studying, maintaining productivity can be a challenge but there are ways to maximize your productive output.

The key to effective studying is not to cover large volumes of content over long periods of time, but focus on studying key aspects in 25 minute blocks and take a five minute break in between each block of study. This is studying smarter, not harder.

Another way to being the most productive version of yourself when studying is to use your senses. For example, you can associate specific colors with certain things as a method of remembering them. Eating a wholegrain breakfast every day and taking fresh air by exercising for 20 minutes prior to an exam are also great ways to maximize your productivity. For more top tips on how to get the most out of your study time, see the below infographic created by Study Medicine Europe.