Advance your engineering career while working

Advance your engineering career while working

A career in engineering requires a high level of education, dedication and knowledge. While for most graduates it’s always very exciting to gain a position with an engineering firm, eventually they reach a point where they wish to advance in their career. For those seeking career advancement, there are many ways to move forward on their career path.
Obtain an advanced degree

While most engineering jobs require a bachelor’s degree, many engineers realize they need additional education to advance their careers. Many enroll in online degree programs, allowing them to attend school while still working. One great option is to obtain an OU Master in Electrical Engineering, which opens more doors and provides more opportunities for an exciting career. Whatever type of engineering you are interested in, a master’s degree gives you a lot more options for work and pay.

Get licensed

Upon graduation, some engineers are required to obtain a Professional Engineer (PE) license. However, to advance one’s career, it’s imperative to take the second part of the exam, which can be done after obtaining four years of work experience. This allows an engineer to take on additional responsibilities and work on more complex projects.

Join a professional organization

Becoming a member of a well-known engineering organization tends to enhance one’s professional reputation and lends a level of prestige to one’s career. Organizations to join include The Institute of Industrial Engineers and The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

Get a mentor

Having an experienced engineer as a mentor can help a person go far in their engineering career. Offering career guidance, as well as tips on how to deal with certain projects or co-workers, a mentor can bring invaluable knowledge and experience to a relationship.

Attend seminars and conferences

As technology advances, there are numerous opportunities to attend seminars, conferences and trade shows promoting the latest innovations in engineering. Many firms offer these opportunities to less-experienced workers, giving them a chance to network with other professionals while learning about the latest trends in their field.

Volunteer your time

Sometimes, advancing your career is as simple as letting your boss know you’d like more work. When an office has a big project in the works, offer to take on additional responsibilities and help out any way possible. By showing management you are willing to pitch in, you make yourself stand out from other employees.

Whether you’re pursuing additional education, attending seminars or simply volunteering for additional assignments, it’s very possible to advance your engineering career while still maintaining a balance of personal and professional responsibilities.

By Anita Ginsburg


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