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“Facts are the enemy of truth.” – Don Quixote – “Man of La Mancha”

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6 Ways for college students to relieve stress

College can be a stressful time for students wherever they may be. Not only are you becoming an adult and taking on some large responsibilities, you are also exposed to all sorts of peer pressure and newly found freedom. Finding a way to handle that pressure and get rid of stress is essential. This article… Continue reading 6 Ways for college students to relieve stress

In 1948, U.S. News & World Report was a magazine reporting on politics, economics and education across the world. Today, the organization is known mostly for its college ranking system, an annual report that compares universities across America. Despite criticism, the report is used throughout the world as the definitive guide to U.S. higher education.

The U.S. News & World Report splits colleges into four separate categories and then compares schools within the ranks. Regional universities and colleges are further split into geographical areas, but national universities and liberal arts colleges compete against schools throughout the country. Within each category, one college is declared the best and every other school is compared to that particular college.

The report uses seven different criteria to compare schools, ranging from the university’s reputation to class sizes and incoming test scores for freshman. Alumni giving, financial spending on students and graduation rates are also considered. While some factors are subjective, most are based on data that is shown to users of the report.

Source: The College Consensus

Classroom response system enhancing the learning experience for students

In technologically advanced educational scenario it is imperative to make the learning experience interactive and engaging to develop long term learning.  Learning has been evolving with the technological developments to adjust to the tech savvy generation of learners.  Classroom response system is an aspect of the interactive learning experience that is being provided for this… Continue reading Classroom response system enhancing the learning experience for students