The Internet as a rare example of true, contemporary, functional anarchy, not owned by anyone and belonging to all, safely makes its path towards the concept of virtual reality, created by the computer scientists, who developed it as a means of information technology used to reconstruct real images and synthetic sounds used to stimulate situations for purposes of experimentation and learning. Being a tool that will not copy the reality, but the one that will create a new organizational framework of the world, creating a gateway to cyberspace, or a media which gives people the impression that they are transported from the ordinary physical world, to the world of pure imagination, we could expect to experience a condition where each participant will have an opportunity to create the next event by using the printed media, radio, theatre and cinema on the web, creating own paths of knowledge and history of researches.

Online education: Should it be expanded?

Online education has grown exponentially in the last decade. From college courses to online public K-12 schools, course offerings have become more diverse as students around the world begin to take advantage of the flexibility online education has to offer. Even as more students and teachers recognize the need for flexibility in terms of time… Continue reading Online education: Should it be expanded?