Month: January 2013

Education and money

Public education may seem like a pure science that is populated by people who are above the human worries of life and live only for the joy of filling young minds with truth. However like in most things in life, schools do well or poorly largely driven by money. One of the justifications for governments’ […]

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Not just another language acquisition lesson!

Not just another language acquisition lesson!

K-12 Reading Specialist Ana Adams, tells us that her experience tells her that with the support of parents, caregivers, early childhood educators, and with exposure to a literacy-rich environment, children progress from emergent to conventional reading.

With interaction through reading aloud and conversation, children are exposed to learning early. In this process, it is very important to read aloud to children and provide them with the opportunities to talk about the stories that they hear.

Anderson, Hiebert, Scott, and Wilkinson (1985) state, “The single most important activity for building the knowledge required for eventual success in reading is reading aloud to children, especially during the preschool years”.

There is no doubt that this helps the children develop oral language, cognitive skills, and concepts of print and phonemic awareness.

Children read to develop background knowledge about various of topics and build a large vocabulary. These aid them in later comprehension and development of reading strategies. Children also watch how others read and therefore become familiar with the reading process, i.e. they are constantly learning.
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Distance learning – distance education … How far away?

Distance learning - distance education ... How far away?

We live in an age where we e-mail a person instead of having a phone call, and we phone when we should speak in person. Hiding behind technology is an easy excuse, what is difficult for many to know in what medium is the most appropriate to communicate in.

On-line has become the rage in many organizations and academic institutions. The savings to a company in travel and per diem are compelling and one of the biggest edge.

Distance education is hot, available and backed because of its potential for savings, and to educate a greater number that might not have the opportunity, because of distance and schedule.
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